The following terms and conditions of rental apply at the Maritime Museum Rotterdam:

The terms and conditions stated below are an integral part of every agreement and quotation for hiring out rooms and facilities.

The “lessor” is the Maritime Museum Rotterdam, which is hiring out rooms and/or facilities to the hirer.
The “hirer” is the person or entity using the room and/or facility provided to them by the lessor.
The “caterer” is an independent business venture providing catering services that does not belong to the legal entity of either the lessor or the hirer.

All quotations issued are valid for two weeks unless stated otherwise in the quotation. We then place a no-obligations option in our diary. After the option period of 2 weeks expires, the option will be deleted automatically from our diary.

Opening hours
Within regular opening hours, the rental sum covers the costs of the security staff plus those of normal lighting, heating and cleaning of the location.
For gatherings of 150 people or more within regular opening hours, additional security has to be hired and this will be charged through on a time and materials basis.
Outside the regular opening hours, the costs of security staff are not included in the rental sum and they will be charged through on a time and materials basis.

Space and facilities
If the inventory of the location is insufficient, agreements should be made in the contract about any additions to the scope of delivery and the applicable remuneration. The museum is entitled to engage third parties for carrying out the order and the corresponding scope of delivery as stated in the rental agreement.
The hirer is not entitled to make any changes or additions to the rented room or its layout without the express permission of the lessor. The hirer is responsible for returning the rented space to its original condition and will bear the costs of doing so.
If the lessor is unable to make the location available to the hirer for reasons beyond its control, this contract will lapse and the lessor cannot be held liable for any consequential damages.

The hirer is liable for all damages to the location and/or the inventory caused by the hirer or anyone to whom access is granted by the hirer.
The lessor is not responsible for theft, loss or damage to goods brought in by the hirer. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that such goods that are brought in are appropriately insured if so desired. The lessor is only liable for damages suffered by the hirer if and insofar as those damages are a direct result of gross negligence or deliberate actions by the lessor. Liability on the part of the lessor for indirect damages (including consequential damages, loss of profits or earnings and missed savings) is excluded in all cases.

Should the hirer terminate the rental agreement less than 2 months before the agreed rental date, the lessor will charge the following cancellation fees:
In the event of cancellation more than 2 months before the rental date, you will not owe cancellation fees to the Maritime Museum.
When the moment of cancellation is less than 2 months before the rental date, the following cancellation fees apply:
• more than 1 month before the rental date: 25% of the amount last quoted
• more than 14 days before the rental date: 50% of the amount last quoted
• more than 7 days before the rental date: 75% of the amount last quoted
• for cancellation 7 days or less before the rental date: 100% of the amount last quoted
Moving a rental date is allowed free of charge up to 7 days before the rental date. After that point, we will charge 100% of the last quoted amount.

General provisions
Special conditions apply to visits to the Maritime Museum Rotterdam. These terms and conditions can be found on The hirer warrants that the participants in the group will observe the visiting rules.
If the hirer does not comply with the provisions included in the contract about the organization or people and the purpose of the meeting or gathering as described, this will be deemed to be a breach of contract and the lessor reserves the right in such cases to declare the agreement to have been dissolved without further judicial intervention.
All prices for renting rooms and facilities as stated by the museum in agreements and quotations are exclusive of Dutch VAT.

All companies hired in by the museum or by third parties and the staff of such companies must observe the general terms and conditions of rental plus the following house rules:

Naked flames and smoke may not be used in any form whatsoever. This prohibition also applies to the presence of tanks filled with flammable gas or highly flammable substances. Smoking is not permitted on the premises.
The lessor’s technical equipment may only be operated by the lessor’s own staff. Electricity may only be used at the designated locations. The power ratings needed for the equipment that is to be used must be notified one week beforehand.
The hirer will not cause any form of nuisance for other visitors or guests.

Arrival, setting up and dismantling
The staff of catering companies or suppliers must report to the central hall of the museum and (if they are going to be staying) must register at the ticket desk, where an access badge will be provided.
Goods must be delivered and picked up at the museum’s main entrance, side entrance or goods entrance. Goods must always be notified to the Museum Shop’s desk via the museum’s phone number, +31 (0)10-4029265.
All means of transport must have clean, swivelling wheels. The caterer and supplier are obliged to removed goods from the location immediately after the activities end or (in consultation) by no later than half an hour before the museum opens (09:30h) on the day after.
Two parking spaces are available on the museum’s site that may only be used after a reservation has been made.
The emergency exits must always be kept clear.
Setting up during the museum’s opening hours must always be done with respect for its visitors.

Decoration of the room
Decorations are only permitted on the tables. Candles and other light sources are permitted if they operate on batteries or electricity. Flowers, floral arrangements and plants are only permitted if made from synthetic, flame-retardant materials.