We are doing everything to make your museum visit an enjoyable and safe one. That's very much possible in our spacious museum and museum harbour. On this page we will tell you more about the various precautions we have taken to ensure this. 

Entrance tickets

> We advice to book your tickets in advance online due to the limited tickets available. Just pick the date and starttime of your visit, also if you have a discountcard.  
> We have limited tickets on sale at our cash register, full = full. Ensure your museum tickets and book online in advance.
> If you have a discountcard, we advice to book a ticket online in advance with your date and starttime.
> Children up to four get free entrance, but they still need a ticket with a starting time. You can book this online for free. 

> Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions about booking tickets.

Your visit

> In case of health complaints (nose cold, running nose, sore throat, mild cough, elevated temperature, fever over 38 degrees Celsius or issues breathing) you and/or familymembers might have, we cannot grand you access to our museum. 
> Museum visits with multiple persons can only take place if you form a household or another social entity, like family, partners or roommates. 
> We advise you to use your own means of transportation. View our advise for cycle routs or the 20% discount on your parking fee >
> We will only allow a limited number of visitors at the same time, so visitors can be spread evely over the day. This will prevent waiting lines. 
> Please follow the routes and directions from our staff. 
> Keep a 1.5 meter (or in maritieme terms: 0.0008 sea miles) disctance to other visitors and our staff.
> In our museumcafé and museumshop you can only pay with card or cellphone. 

Visit with children

As always, children are very welcome on our family museum. We ask parents to prevent contact between children from various groups and families as much as possible and stick to the 1,5 meter rules. This is your responsibility. The reasonsing behind this is that there are also playgrounds and schools where children meet frequently. The childrenexpo 'Professor Splash' (Professor Plons) will remain a place where children come to play, also together, provided the parents agree to that. Ofcourse parents are asked to keep their distance from eachother and the other children. 

Extra hygiëne precautions

> Wash and disinfect your hands regularly, cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow.  
> Plexiglass screens have been placed at our cash registers and information desks. 
> Extra cleaning and disinfection materials are available to visitors and staff. .

Museumcafé 'Het Lage Licht' is open!

> No reservation is required.
> We will note your contact details data so we can contact you if required.
> You can sit at a table with 2 people or with more people if you belong to the same household.
> There are less tables available so everyone can keep their distance from each other.
> When the weather allows us, we will open our outdoor terrace. We have secured sufficiant distance from table to table.  

Use of our meeting rooms

> We have adapted the layout of our meetingrooms to ensure a 1,5 meter distance. 
> We offer self-service for food and beverages.