What would it be like to stay on such an impressively tall ship, with twelve passenger decks and a tropical swimming paradise and tennis court on board? You can experience what it is like to go on a holiday on a cruise liner like that at the 'Sea Palaces'.

Come aboard! 

On holiday with a cruise ship' exhibition. You can relax in a deckchair by the swimming pool just like a real passenger, sit at the captain's table for dinner and find out everything about cruise travel. Think of the 10.000 suitcases that go on board, the trick of folding bath towels into swans, and the special cruise money that was used for payments on board in old days. Unusual objects from the Rotterdam Maritime Museum's collection illustrate the historical development, such as unique photographs, splendidly illustrated posters and original costumes of the Black Seahorse theatrical company.

Exhibition highlights
Zeetours, Scylla