A better experience and more information with the app

The Maritime Museum App offers even more for museum visitors aged 8 and up! The app guides you during your visit to the museum and gives extra information and a better experience, with films, animations and digital souvenirs to make your visit unforgettable. There are two tours in the app, a guided tour round the museum harbour, and an audio tour in which our staff tell you about their favourite things.

Download the app for your iPhone in the App Store.
Download the app for your Android phone in the Google Play Store.

Free tour through the museum harbour

The app guides you through the museum harbour. Using a map that shows your GPS location live, you can find your route along the quay and jetty, and where the ‘listening tubes’ and ‘time viewers’ are. If you put your phone into a listening tube, you can hear the audio fragments at full volume while you are enjoying the view over the Maritime District, the place where the Port of Rotterdam started so long ago. And by putting it into a time viewer, the museum harbour transforms, via film and animation, from how it is today to the harbour of the past.

Listening tubes, time viewers and digital souvenirs
The app lets you scan QR codes to discover the stories and see videos and historical photos of the museum’s ships and cranes. You can find out all there is to know about the people on board, the cargo that was carried, and the story of the Port of Rotterdam as it was then, is now, and might be in the future.

And to remind you of your visit, we’ll give you a digital souvenir via the app. It might be a high-resolution picture of a painting or engineering drawing from the museum collection, or a photo of the Maritime Museum Harbour skyline. You could have the souvenir printed out later and framed to make your visit to the Maritime Museum unforgettable.

Audio tour by our staff

The Maritime Museum looks after one of the world’s finest maritime collections. In the audio tour, various members of our staff relate their personal tales about objects in the collection. From the document restorer to a volunteer, from a marketer to a curator. Wouldn’t you like to know the story behind a model of a ship, or a painting? How did the collection come to be and what makes it so special?

How it works
You can download the app free of charge in the App Store or Google Play Store before you visit us, or once you arrive on our free WiFi network. The WiFi code is on your admission ticket.

Do enjoy your visit to the museum!