Meet shipping company ‘Spido’ in the exhibition 'Window on the port'. This icon of Rotterdam, which started as a shuttle service for sailors, has been offering its passengers a window on the ever-changing port of Rotterdam for already 100 years.

Travel through time

In the exhibition you literally look through the windows of the ever-changing port of Rotterdam. You travel from the twenties to the period of reconstruction and via the 'hip' sixties to the future. Discover stories based on historical and modern film material, ships models, furniture items, clothing, photos and other unique objects from both the Spido and Maritime Museum collections. Meet colourful characters like captain Ferwerda who has been sailing with Spido for 45 years and Selma Droogleever who, like her mother and grandmother before her, photographed thousands of passengers on the gangway to the ship.

Feast of recognition

For some, the exhibition will be a feast of recognition, for others a look behind the scenes of a Rotterdam icon that has managed to change its course over the last century to adapt to new circumstances and the changing needs of passengers.