The Netherlands is genuinely a country of water - and where there’s water, there are people living on it. But what makes people want to live on the water? And what makes people who live on the water love it so much?

What is living on the water like? 

Everyone who is used to terra firma under their feet wonders sometimes what it is like to live on a houseboat. Is there enough space? Do you get seasick? What's it like in winter? What kind of boats can you live on? How do you get your mail? This family exhibition lets you see what living on the water in the Netherlands is typically like, using models of various houseboats and waterborne accommodation (a pontoon houseboat, a boat conversion and a water villa). Have a look at these lovely exhibits with their detailed interiors, four of which were made specially for 'Living on the Water'. Listen to the interviews with houseboat residents who will tell you everything about their very different reasons - and the love they have in common - for living on the water. Have a look at the inside of a tiny deckhouse and arrange things in a houseboat so that it will not float at a skew angle. Then you can have a nice stroll in the museum harbour with the free family walk that takes you past the most unusual vessels.

Exhibition highlights