Are you an adventurous researcher like André Kuipers and the four ‘bright minds’ from the history of the East India Company? In the Bright Minds Expedition family exhibition (ages 8 and up), you can discover what it is about you that could make you a scholar and world traveller, and what André Kuipers thinks about the future.

Seventeenth-century scientists explored the world, as real adventurers in peril of their own lives, with the help of the East India Company vessels. Thanks to their perseverance, curiosity and desire, they changed European people’s view of the world and their studies led to insights and knowledge that we still use today.

Which world will you discover?
Have you ever looked at an insect under a magnifying glass? Or do you like drawing a leaf in precise detail? And do you enjoy solving a good brain-teaser? If so, you’ve got a researcher in you. The Bright Minds Expedition family programme lets you go looking for the answers to a riddle, making use of the skills of the researchers whose footsteps you are treading in. What’s your driving force? Are you adventurous too? Find out by joining the voyage of discovery!

André Kuipers
This exhibition lets you get to know more about yourself and four important scientists from the seventeenth century. And you also get to see André Kuipers in a very different light – as someone whose love of space travel started with a great fondness for the East India Company. As both an astronaut and a scientist, André Kuipers acknowledges the versatility, inquisitiveness and courage of his predecessors. You can see his passion as he delves into this underexposed side of his life, work and personality, setting a course straight ahead into the future. He also entreats you to think about the way you look at the world around you.

“I think it would be wonderful if men are able to travel to Mars in the future, a journey that would take nine months. That is about as long as a voyage by ship from the Netherlands to Asia during the seventeenth century, the Dutch Golden Age.”