JUli 18  TILL august 30, 2020


During the summer months there will be several activities in the museum harbour for young and older. This museum harbour the oldest and largest of The Netherlands. It is at this place where the Port of Rotteram started, and grew to be the largest in Europe. Now high-rise architecture and maritime history of our harbour city stand next to eachtother, litteraly. Our personel and volunteers would love to tell you everything about our floating heritage and the extraordinary history of this place and the harbour.

What's there to be seen?

Every day there are various historical ships, cranes and the grain elevator open at our new jetty. You can take a look aboard and see for yourself and experience what life and work aboard a ship was like. In the lighthouse you will discover how the harbor grew to become the biggest in Europe.

Activities on the quay

Aboard the 'Gruno' ship you can see hundreds of sailor's knots. Children can climb into their role as shipmate, roll up their sleeves and clean the deck till it reflects the sun. A reward is a cool sailor's tattoo. During the summer holiday (region center) we regurarly have demonstrations of rope making. In the harbor one uses a lot of rope to tighten the ships to the shore, raise the sails, attach the sails....you can use rope for anything! At our line track you can see how rope was made in the past. On Sundays and Tuesdays we also have workshops where children can make their own small ship with recycled material or a great harbor drawing with charcoal and an eraser.

Boat tour through the Maritime District

Complete your museum trip with a boat tour with our electric Waterbus and discover the city ports of the Maritime District, where the port of Rotterdam once began, from Leuvehaven, the Wijnhaven, the Oude Haven to the Haringvliet. Ask about the possibilities upon arrival at the museum. Costs € 17.50 for an exclusive cruise (1 household per cruise) of 30-45 minutes (depending on weather and tide).

Scavenger hunt for kids

Did you know that in the museum harbor several animals and letters are hidden? From a lifesize horse in a crane to a faithful four-footed on a deck. There is a scavenger hunt for children to find all these animals. These are free and in english and available for your at the ticket counter. 

The ships engine is turning

On the quay there's a large ships engine. It's the 'Bolnes engine', one of the first welded diesel engine made out of sheet steel in de Dutch schipping industry. When it's turned on you definately need earplugs. Regularly our volunteers tell the history of this diesel engine and sometimes it's turned on to it's full capacity.

Beware! On the quay and in our ships we take a maximum of visitors at a time and all traffic in one way. The quays and ships are only accessible if your hold a valid ticket. For more information, please read our safety precautions page