Amazement, development and pleasure

Everyone’s welcome at the Maritime Museum. Yet, the exhibitions and events we organise are aimed at a broad-based target audience that is a great fit with the story we tell. This audience is made up of three generations: children, their parents and grandparents. We provide wonderment, education and fun for the young and the young at heart, the highly and the lowly educated, for culture lovers and culture scoffers, whether you come as a family or as a school party, whether you are from the port city of Rotterdam, the local region or much further afield.

Alive to diversity

We are a low threshold museum with affordable admission rates that is accessible to people who are disabled. We are alive to diversity and the differences in society. And we emphatically mean to serve as a museum where everybody truly feels at home. We do so by being alive to and providing space for different perspectives in our staff policy, in the exhibitions and events we plan, the stories we bring and the partnerships we engage in with various parties in order to reach specific target groups or to lower any thresholds people may experience. Research shows that we effectively reach a broad audience. Awareness of the need for inclusivity continues to remain an undiminished focus area.

We take pride in the fact that, in almost 150 years as a museum, we are privileged to welcome a constant succession of new generations of visitors and the fact that we are able to rouse their interest in and enthusiasm for the maritime world.