Research Centre

The Rotterdam Centre for Modern Maritime History (RCMMH) coordinates and stimulates research on the history of Dutch shipping since 1800. The Maritime Museum Rotterdam and Erasmus University Rotterdam are the founders of the Centre which started on 1 September 2014. Research focusses on Dutch shipbuilding; the port of Rotterdam and its hinterland; and the Dutch offshore industry. Courses on these topics are offered to students of Erasmus University who can use the collection of the Maritime Museum as a source for their research. Within the Centre, museum curators and academic researchers share their individual expertise and competencies. Results will be accessible through the common research channels and will contribute to the program of the Maritime Museum as well.

A strong team

Prof. dr. Hein Klemann, full professor in economic history and international relations at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication, takes the role of endowed professor in modern maritime history at the research centre. He oversees Ph.D research projects on the modern history of the port of Rotterdam, off shore industry and shipbuilding. Maritime historian dr. Els Jacobs stimulates research outcomes putting to use in the activities of the museum, such as expositions or school programsis. As curator-in-residence at Erasmus University her research activities aim at connecting Museum and University with other institutions and individual scholars to create an academic network, the core of which will be the Maritime Museum Rotterdam and Erasmus University.

Courtesy of external funding

The unique collaboration project between Museum and University is possible thanks to external funding by several Rotterdam funds and the Mondriaan Foundation (in addition to the regular budget of the institutions). The Erasmus University and the Erasmus Trust Fund contribute as well. We express our appreciation for their financial support. Thanks to their commitment, we can live up to our academic ambitions in the field of modern maritime history.