experience the city's maritime roots

The museum harbour of the Maritime Museum is the oldest and largest museum harbour in the Netherlands. This is where the port of Rotterdam began. Our historic ships and special guest ships are moored here. You are most welcome to take a look on board. In our workshops you will discover the secret of maritime crafts and shipbuilding. To get your visit off to a good start, first visit our lighthouse. There you will learn how the port of Rotterdam grew into the largest in Europe. Enjoy lunch, a cup of coffee or a drink with a view of our harbour on the terrace of museum café Het Lage Licht. And of course you end your day with a freshly scooped ice cream from Loeve.

Discover the history of the port of Rotterdam

Discover our historic vessels and cranes in the Maritime Museum Harbour. They are still in working order. Smell the dieselfumes, experience the cramped working conditions, feel the wind through your hair and feel the swell of the Maas beneath. It all takes you back in time to the beginning of the 20th century, when the port of Rotterdam was still in the centre of the city.

Our staff and volunteers love to share our sailing heritage and the special history of this place and the port with you.

Maritime crafts in our workshops

Discover the art of forging in our workshops! You will find out how the blacksmith contributes to the maintenance of our museum fleet, for example by riveting or making chains. Sparks fly during a spectacular demonstration. Or roll up your sleeves and forge your own ship decoration.

In our workshops you can discover how we maintain our museum fleet in great condition and what's involved in building a ship. Meanwhile, welders and carpenters are standing at the workbenches. Here you can feel, see and smell the maritime world up close.

Loeve - ice cream, waffles and coffee

In the Leuvepaviljoen you will find Loeve, the newest catering hotspot in the Maritime District with award-winning ice cream, really good coffee and freshly baked waffles that make your mouth water. So enjoy, on the terrace with a view of the museum harbour. More Loeve >

Destination: upcoming Maritime District

The Maritime Museum and our harbour are situated in the heart of the upcoming Maritime District. There, high-rise architecture and the maritime history of the port city are literally next to each other.