The museum harbour of the Maritime Museum is the oldest and largest museum harbour in the Netherlands. This is where the port of Rotterdam began, which in recent centuries has grown to become the largest in Europe. Now high-rise architecture and the maritime history of the port city are literally next to each other.

Discover the history of the port of Rotterdam

Discover our historic vessels and cranes in the Maritime Museum Harbour. They are still in working order. Smell the dieselfumes, experience the cramped working conditions, feel the wind through your hair and feel the swell of the Maas beneath. It all takes you back in time to the beginning of the 20th century, when the port of Rotterdam was still in the centre of the city.

Our staff and volunteers love to share our sailing heritage and the special history of this place and the port with you.

Maritime District

The Maritime Museum and our harbour are situated in the heart of the upcoming Maritime District.