Especially for foreign scholars

Especially for schools from outside the Netherlands, we offer an interactive tour of the Maritime Museum Rotterdam in Dutch, English, German or French under the guidance of an expert and enthusiastic tour guide.

Educational tour of the exhibitions

(60 min. - € 120.00 for max. 20 people including guidance)
At three different exhibitions, depending on the area of ​​interest of the group, your pupils discover everything about the VOC, the port of Rotterdam and energy production at sea. We take them through six centuries of maritime Dutch history and show the enormous impact of the maritime world of the past, today and tomorrow on daily life in the Netherlands.

Can be combined with a tour at the museum harbour

(60 min. + 30 min. in the Maritime Museum Harbour) - € 150.00 for max. 20 people including guidance)
In the Maritime Museum Harbour pupils visit the lighthouse where they watch a film about the port of Rotterdam and board the museum ship Annigje. This Hasselteraak is one of the highlights of the Maritime Museum. The ship is more than a hundred years old.

Due to the winter closure of the ships, this tour at the museum harbour can not be booked from to the beginning of April 2021.  

Discover what the Dutch are known for worldwide!