The story behind a model of a ship or a painting

The Maritime Museum looks after one of the world’s finest maritime collections. In the audio tour, various members of our staff relate their personal tales about objects in the collection. From the document restorer to a volunteer, from a marketer to a curator. Wouldn’t you like to know the story behind a model of a ship, or a painting? How did the collection come to be and what makes it so special?

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Listen to the audio tour

Download the clips from our audio tour on your computer, tablet or telephone (by clicking on the number or the title below) and listen to them at home or in the museum. Each clip is connected to an object from our collection. In the museum, these objects can be recognized by an orange or black sticker with the number mentioned below.

Stories about the Offshore Experience

02 – Model of a ship: Aeolus
by May Yan, relation manager

03 – Logos of sponsors at the entrance / collaboration
by May Yan, relation manager

Stories about Masterpieces

10 – Atlas of Mercator
by Sjoerd, curator

12 – Painting: Leuvehaven
by Marcel, registrar

13 – Painting: Yacht Dutch East India Company
by Pieter Jan, executive secretary

14 – Painting: Shipyard
by Ron, curator

15 – Painting: Sailor couple
by Annette, curator

16 – Blaeu's Map
by Sjoerd, curator

17 – Model of a ship: Mataró
by Pieter Jan, executive secretary

18 - Book: 'Itinerario' of Jan Huygen van Linschoten
by Frank, document restorer

19 – Ice cap from a whaler
by Irene, curator

Stories about Dealing with Drugs

20 – Model of a ship: Dutch East India Company Ship
by Jan, curator

21 – Drawing: Thunder & Lightning
by Jan, curator

22 – Model of a ship: Container ship
by Jan, curator

Clips about Sea Monsters

40 – Jonas and the Whale: tiller
by Sjoerd, curators

41 – The arms of the Kraken
by Hanne, project manager

42 – Mermaid: Ningyo
by Irene, curator

Clips about the museum harbour

50 – The horse in the crane
by Elisabeth, marketer
Read more about the museum harbour >

51 – Museum ship 'Annigje'
by Clementine, volunteer

52 – Grain elevator
by Koos, volunteer

53 – Museum ship 'Geertruida'
by Karel, volunteer